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Monthly Archives: October 2022


What Happens If Someone Steals From The Estate?

By The Probate Guy |

When someone dies, they leave behind an estate. An estate is all the assets and money owned by someone, especially at death. After someone passes away, discovering that an individual is stealing from the estate is quite common. An executor can steal from an estate, and so can beneficiaries. When someone steals from a… Read More »

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The Executor Is Not Sharing Information With Beneficiaries: What To Do?

By The Probate Guy |

When someone dies, an executor is appointed to handle their estate and carry out the instructions in the deceased’s Will. Among the many duties of executors is to ensure that beneficiaries have enough information about the decedent’s estate. Problems can arise if the executor of a decedent’s estate fails to keep beneficiaries informed. So,… Read More »

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Do You Know You Have These Responsibilities To Beneficiaries As An Executor?

By The Probate Guy |

If someone recently died and you found out they named you as the executor of their Will, you should know you have a huge responsibility ahead of you. As the executor of a deceased person’s Will, you are obligated to act in the estate’s best interest. The law prohibits you from acting selfishly in… Read More »

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Signs You Need To Hire A Probate Attorney

By The Probate Guy |

In California, the law does not require an executor to hire a probate attorney. In fact, many executors can handle the probate process themselves without the help of a probate attorney. If you’re facing a probate situation, you might be wondering whether you should hire an attorney. Well, depending on various things, it may… Read More »

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