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California Probate, Will & Trust Lawyer
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Anaheim Probate Lawyer

If you need help with a probate in Anaheim or if the deceased left a home or other property located in Anaheim, call me NOW for your FREE consultation. My office is only minutes away in Buena Park but you don’t have to worry about coming to my office or going to the probate court in Santa Ana. I handle all my communications with you over the phone and through e-mail and mail. I also make all required court appearances on your behalf so you don’t have to. My goal as your probate attorney is to do finish your probate smoothly and successfully so you can get your inheritance faster and with less overall cost to the estate. See below for a brief description of the probate process. If you have any questions, call me now for your free consultation! I offer a free initial consultation and I’ll advance all the fees and costs of probate so you don’t have to pay anything upfront. I’m the opposite of lawyers who demand that you pay them a hefty retainer before they do a minute’s work. Sure, my time is valuable, but your time and money are valuable too. I want to take the stress out of probate for you. The last thing you need to worry about is how you can afford an Anaheim probate lawyer or where all your money just went. So call me NOW for your FREE consultation and let’s get your worry free probate started.

So… What Is Probate Anyway?

Probate is the legal process required to transfer the title of a deceased person’s property to his or her heirs, as well as paying any taxes or settling any debts owed either by or to the estate. This process involves many steps that fall on the shoulders of the executor – the person named in the will or appointed by the court to administer the estate. Some of these steps include gathering up all the property of the deceased, appraising and selling property as needed, notifying creditors, paying valid claims, litigating disputed claims, preparing tax returns, publishing the will, and more.

Most executors are close family members whom the deceased trusted to perform this thankless job. It’s expected that the executor will need professional help in one or more areas. California probate law allows executors to hire attorneys, accountants, real estate agents or other professionals as needed. These fees can be paid out of the estate at no cost to the executor. With over 30 years of experience doing probates in Anaheim, Orange County and surrounding areas, I can help you with any part of the probate you are uncomfortable with. I am here throughout the process to advise you and to answer any questions you might have.

Probate can be tricky. For instance, what if the deceased left behind a house with a mortgage on it? What if it’s a reverse mortgage? Can you keep the house? Should you keep the house? Should you sell the house in probate or let the bank take it off your hands? These are big questions. Call me now and I will give you straight, honest answers as your attorney.

Does Probate Involve Going to Court?

Probate is mostly an administrative process that is overseen by the courts. In Anaheim all probate cases are held at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana, CA. Never fear, though; I handle all court appearances for you. You would only need to go to court if there is litigation that directly involved you. For instance, if you are an heir who wants to challenge the will, you might need to appear at a hearing. For the probate process itself, I handle all the hearings for you. I also take litigation cases on contingency and will make those appearances for you as well.

What Else Do You Need to Know? Call Me For Free With All Your Questions.

If you need help in a probate matter in Anaheim, call me right away. Time is of the essence in some cases such as when there is a reverse mortgage on the house and we have to move fast to protect your interests. If you just have questions I’m here for you. Call me at 714-522-8880, and I will be happy to answer your questions and give you a free consultation about your probate. There is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to probate. Call NOW for your FREE consultation directly with the attorney.

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I love being a probate attorney. I love helping people through a very difficult time in their lives with the probate process. My practice focuses solely on probate matters. My job is to complete the probate process as efficiently and painlessly for my clients as possible. I have found that paying the upfront costs of probate adds unneeded stress, so I will advance all of the fees and costs for the probate. No money is required to complete the probate. I will be reimbursed at the end of the case when you receive your inheritance. Call me NOW to discuss your case for free.

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