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California Probate, Will & Trust Lawyer
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5 Stars “Robert and his staff are wonderful to do business with.”

I had no idea how probate works, and they had no problem explaining things and taking care of everything with no hassles.

- Michelle M.
5 Stars “Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

I would highly recommend Robert!! Him and his assistant were super helpful & answered all my questions & pointed me in the right direction for my best interest and not theirs. I had called a few other attorneys & never got a callback, I called Roberts office & within a 5-10 minutes I had his assistant call me back to get more information & put me thru to Robert, who was awesome & very helpful!!

- Samantha M.
5 Stars “Responsiveness, Professionalism”

Robert's HONESTY, EXPERIENCE and PROFESSIONALISM saved me over $10, 000.00!!! Another lawyer said I had to do an expensive and lengthy probate process, and Robert helped me and explained how I did not have to go through probate- that other lawyer was just trying to make money! THANK YOU ROBERT! Do not look any further, Robert, 'The Probate Guy' is your guy!!!

- Jazmin H.
5 Stars “Quality, Responsiveness, Price, Professionalism”

Very helpful. I had called several attorneys with no response. He answered all of my questions on the first call. Highly recommend.

- Janine C.
5 Stars “Quality, Responsiveness, Price, Professionalism”

my questions and concerns. He is very knowledgeable and very professional. My only regret is not having contacted him earlier. I very highly recommend Robert!!!!

- Brett B.
5 Stars “After my dad's sudden death, my family and I did not know what to do.”

We struggled to find the right attorney to handle his estate. After meeting with various attorneys around the area, we met Robert Cohen, The Probate Guy, for a free consultation. He and his team are very knowledgeable and professional. They quickly took care of us and answered any questions we had regarding the probate process. What I liked most about Mr. Cohen was that he encouraged me to ask any and all questions I had no matter how insignificant or simple they sounded. The whole probate process was handled quickly by his team without any hiccups. My family and I did not have to show up anywhere besides his office to sign some paperwork. I would recommend Robert and his team to anyone looking for an easy going probate process.

- Dennis
5 Stars “Mr. Cohen, Is the type of attorney that actually listens to every detail”

of your case and gives you the best council based upon the benefits of his experience.

- Don E.
5 Stars “Totally impressed with his knowledge,”

professionalism and quick response. He was extremely helpful, and I would call on him again if ever needed a good probate attorney. I highly recommend him!

- Dora P.
5 Stars “This awesome attorney was willing to help”

and spoke with me and guided me even though I was not his client. He went above and beyond his obligation!! Wowzer, I wish I had found him long time ago!!

- Candy S.
5 Stars “I found Robert Cohen “The Probate Guy” using Google where I read many great reviews.”

Robert has done an AWESOME job of getting me through 2 probates in which he made it so easy where I had no worries the probates would be handled by a professional. I highly recommend Robert, and I also received EXCELLENT help from Taylor & Jenna his assistants. I also got the privilege of working with Stephen Blunt who will help guide you through the complete process with top notch service.

- Rick K.
5 Stars “I would highly recommend Robert Cohen and his staff.”

He is extremely efficient and knowledgeable.Robert made my difficult probate process much easier, due to his experience. A big thank you and job well done.

- Lisa P.
5 Stars “Robert and his team are everything to me.”

Knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful. Robert knows his business and answered those difficult questions in a time of need. Thank You so much! I couldn't have done it without you...

- Rosalind L.
5 Stars “I called Robert for a consultation and was easily able to speak”

with him and his advice and assistance was invaluable. THANK YOU!!!!

- Amanda M.
5 Stars “I found Robert when my brother passed unexpectedly. ”

I read the reviews and called his office. The staff were excellent in terms of initially guiding me through the probate process. I did not think I had to formally hire him but turned I did. After our first conversation, Robert put me at ease. He helped me figure out my next steps. I am so glad he was there. His pricing was reasonable. I highly recommend hiring Robert and his financial advisor Stephen. Both are highly qualified and easy to work with.

- Yvonne G.
5 Stars “A person who clearly knows Probate and when to give a referral. ”

Appreciated his honesty.

- Mary E.
5 Stars “Robert helped me with a probate ?”

I had that no other lawyer would even take my call on. He was very honest, to the point and professional with all his answers. Even though I ended up not needing A probate lawyer he was a huge help in my situation. Not easy to find people like this, call him, hire him, tell your friends and family!!!!!

- Natas
5 Stars “Robert knows every detail about how probate works. ”

No surprises. Very intelligent. A no nonsense, get it done guy. No stone unturned, told me what to expect, answered all of our questions and the outcome was exactly what he said it would be. Very happy 10/10

- Lori E
5 Stars “I am extremely greatful to have found Robert to handle the probate of my brother-in-law's estate”

He is knowledgeable, experienced, quick to respond to questions and easy to work with and has a great staff to back him up. We live out of state and were able to leave it in his hands and not worry.

- Bruce T.
5 Stars “I found Robert through a Google search.”

He is fantastic and so knowledgeable. He is very thorough and treats his clients like they are family. He made the whole process easy and smooth and kept me informed all along the way. I couldn’t be more satisfied and would recommend him for anyone who needs help when dealing with an Estate after a loss. I can’t thank Robert enough, words cant express how great he was through the whole process.

- James Moore
5 Stars “Very nice, even though after taking up his time”

He found that he would not be able to help with My Uncle's situation. Should things change, we would definitely call on him again.

- Steven K.
5 Stars “Great attorney and staff! ”

I was in need of a probate lawyer after a relative died suddenly. Found Robert on Yelp and from the get go it was smooth sailing. After a free consultation, I had confidence that my needs would be taken care of. Robert explained the process in laymen’s terms and answered all my questions. Not only that, I was told to call his office anytime if I had any questions about the process and his staff was so helpful and friendly. Again, a great attorney, I highly recommend The Probate Guy!

- Maui
5 Stars “I don’t usually do reviews BUT IF YOU NEED A PROBATE GUY , ROBERT COHEN is who you should CALL!! ”

He helped our family with my mother in-laws probate! He will not waste your money or drag things out if at all possible ( sometimes it can’t be helped). Most lawyers also will not talk or email you as quickly as you would like but Mr Cohen was very gracious and polite about all my emails to him ( and there were a lot!) and really prompt at answering me!! He had to put up with some bothersome heirs in this and managed to keep his cool!! I have found most lawyers very full of themselves and will talk down to you, like you know nothing, but Robert was always very down to earth and has a sense of humor to boot!!! So really, if you need a probate lawyer call THE PROBATE GUY, Robert Cohen . You won’t be sorry! He is the most honest lawyer I’ve ever dealt with!!!

- Charlotte C.
5 Stars “Thankful for the prompt, professional service.”

I had some questions about the value of properties I inherited and needed to know how and what to do. Ashley who answered the phone helped me quickly with an evaluation and Robert then contacted me within 20 minutes answered all my questions gave me valuable information which will lead to a good outcome. He was friendly and knowledgeable.

- Cassidy I.
5 Stars “Robert Cohen is beyond AMAZING! ”

I called him randomly from a 'probate lawyer' Google search to ask a general question because I knew very little about the probate process. I didn't expect much for a random call about a general question and had actually planned to call other lawyers to compare answers. Boy was I wrong! Not only did he answer ALL of my questions, he took the time to talk to me about how the process for probate works, etc. We talked for about 45 minutes to an hour just for a general call! We had a unique situation because my mother-in-law has passed away without a will or putting her home back into the trust she had created. In order to save her house from foreclosure do to the tenants not paying the rent, we had to go to probate court. My brothers-in-law were content to let the house be lost to foreclosure but after speaking with Robert, we had hope. We hired him to help us and my husband and I with Roberts help were about to save the house and sell it on our terms. I highly recommend Robert to anyone looking for a probate lawyer. He is knowledgeable, personable, and genuinely caring. Robert is literally THE BEST and we could not thank him enough!

- Myshine P.
5 Stars “Very friendly, I did not need his services”

Told me who to get a hold of and was straight forward. Did not try to get me to hire him for no reason. Very professional. If I ever need a probate lawyer I will definitely call him.

- Robert G.
5 Stars “Robert and his staff we're very patient with me and my family.”

During a tough time for me and my family, a heartfelt thank you I appreciate all you have done!

- Ken W.
5 Stars “I called Robert with a commercial property title issue.”

Robert gave the best not self serving advice I could ever hope for. His honesty, knowledge and professional advice was exactly what I needed. He also did not charge me for this call. I would recommend him as an outstanding lawyer you can trust to do what is right for you with probate related issues. Thank you Robert!

- Linda H.
5 Stars “Robert helped my family when we needed it the most”

Through two (2) very sad episodes that required the services of a probate lawyer, Robert went well above the norm. Most admirable is that the work covered two (2) branches of my family. One in LA California and the other in Manila. He also responds to emails quickly and in person. Thank you again Robert.

- Dickie S.
5 Stars “I didn't care to much for Robert at first.”

I thought he was very over bearing..i guess we clashed...i thought it would be fast in and out type of thing..which it wasn't i waited for a year for this to be over. .he did his job and did it right..he told me exactly what to do..but i did it my way..there is no ifs about this...he is one that you can count on...i would use him again..thank you Robert and his staff ....

- Mary R.
5 Stars “My brothers and I hired Robert and his staff to help us with my Uncles Estate.”

They were wonderful to work with. Robert answered all of our questions in a timely manner, and kept in contact with us through the entire process. If you are in search of a Probate Attorney, I highly recommend them.

- Marilyn A.
5 Stars “Robert and his employees were great to work with.”

Losing my mother-in-law was difficult and emotional for our family. We were very concerned of the stress of having to go through probate in a home my wife and children grew up in. Any questions we had were answered promptly and explained well. Robert was with us on every step of the way. He even referred us to the realtor who helped us sell our home. Robert was indispensable in this process. We appreciate all the help and support.

- Michael M.
5 Stars “The Attorney Robert took the time from his schedule to discuss with me direction on how to handle my Mothers situation being that she passed in CA but lived in LA.”

He provide me sound direction that wasn't rushed or haphazard. Thank you Robert

- Odingga M.
5 Stars “Robert is one of the best. ”

He and his team are very patient and professional. My case was complicated as most of them are. Everything was explained to me and I was given no false information. At the end of the process I had a tax issue, that I felt I was not going to get a portion of my payment. Robert got it back for me. Trust him trust his team. They will get it done.

- Mark S.
5 Stars “Had questions about a family trust and his assistant spoke to us immediately and once I emailed the documents,”

Robert called me the next day. He was very helpful went over everything with me, answered all of my questions and made very helpful recommendations. Turns out we did not need a lawyer, but Robert did all that at no cost to us.

- Julie S.
5 Stars “I worked with Robert after my father passed away. ”

I didn't know him or much about his practice other than what the reviews said. I hired him and his team out of blind trust hoping all would be resolved as my dad wanted it. Our probate case was very complex to say the least. We had outside family members involved and one hurdle after another. I appointed him as Administrator for our case which was extremely helpful since i didn't have the time nor the full legal understanding of administrative duties. Long story short, Robert did exactly what he said he would do and settled the case to everyone's satisfaction. He has a great network of people we drew from to get things on course from realtors to additional attorneys that squared other issues away. It was a long road but he and his team came through. I would recommend Robert and team for any probate needs

- Alan B.
5 Stars “Mr. Cohen was immediately available to answer a CA Probate question for this FL attorney.”

He was knowledgeable, accessible, and I look forward to referring him CA probate clients in the future.

- AnnaMarie L. M.
5 Stars “Robert Cohen took my questions and very politely awnsered them for free.”

I would highly rcommend him .He provided me the information that I needed to go forward, I'm grateful for the time he took free of charge.

- Karen E.
5 Stars “Robert and staff were amazing.”

I had some questions regarding opening probate versus utilizing an affidavit in California as we are working through an estate in Colorado. They provided me advice and guidance with one phone call.

- Adam L.
5 Stars “Robert and his staff were very diligent in working through this difficult time even with hitting walls with the administrator of our Uncle's Estate.”

Robert and his staff were always quick to answer any questions and address any conerns. I appreciate all of the hard work they all put in to get this matter handled. Thank you.

- Ann G.
5 Stars “Mr. Cohen and his staff was extremely helpful with what was considered to be a simple probate of my fathers estate.”

He kept me informed at each step and was very graceful in dealing with a very difficult brother during the entire process. He got what I felt at the time a little pushy with me regarding the time I was taking to leave the house and get it ready for sale, but in the long run I discovered he was correct in how a lot of the stress I was feeling at the time would be relieved once I did just what he was suggesting. I would strongly recommend Robert. His entire staff is friendly and very knowledgable.

- Donna O.
5 Stars “I found Robert online and he handled the probate of my late mother’s estate”

He took care of everything and made the whole process easy and stress-free. I highly recommend his services.

- Mayumi M.
5 Stars “After my father passed, I tried to perform the probate process myself but eventually got overwhelmed and I turned to Robert.”

He was responsive, available at all hours, and helpful. Because I lived in a different town, he was great working the process at the court for us every step of the way. I was able to scan and send most documents digitally. I'm satisfied with his work and would recommend him.

- Mark G.
5 Stars “I just completed 2 very complex probate cases with Robert, one in which I acted as the executor and the other as the administrator.”

Robert's legal knowledge and expertise were invaluable in guiding me through the probate process and saved the estates both time and money. Throughout the process both he and his staff were always helpful and available to answer many difficult questions. During the entire time Robert worked on the probates, which lasted over 2 years because of their complexity, Robert was paid a total of 0.00 dollars. Only, at the close of each probate, was Robert paid for his services in a single lump sum. Robert specializes in probates and this is an area where it is far better to have a probate attorney with specialist knowledge then having an attorney who rarely does a probate. Based on my experience, I can highly recommend Robert if you are looking for a probate attorney.

- Nick F
5 Stars “Mr Cohen is a exceptional attorney. ”

I was extremely impressed with the meticulous and due diligence he used, to analyze my case. He also to my consternation expeditiously returned my call. Rare attributes for an attorney these days.

- Billy G.
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I love being a probate attorney. I love helping people through a very difficult time in their lives with the probate process. My practice focuses solely on probate matters. My job is to complete the probate process as efficiently and painlessly for my clients as possible. I have found that paying the upfront costs of probate adds unneeded stress, so I will advance all of the fees and costs for the probate. No money is required to complete the probate. I will be reimbursed at the end of the case when you receive your inheritance. Call me NOW to discuss your case for free.

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